How to Immigrate to Canada?

How to Immigrate to Canada?

I’d like to share with you how I immigrated to Canada. The first thing that you need to realize is: Canada is looking for immigrants. Back in the 90’s I finished my university degree and at the same time my english course. I had a good job in a Law Firm Office in my city, but I was looking for more challenges to my career.

One day I was reading the newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo and I saw one add: If you speak english, like challenges, want a career change and consider to live in Canada contact … (something like job opportunities for Brazilians in Canada).

Anyway, the article cited that Canada is looking for immigrants and, if you have the prerequisites you can qualify and live in Canada. That’s all I needed to hear. The opportunity to improve my English skills and also the possibility of be part of a new culture, meet new people, work in a new environment, travel to another country, study, and on. Well, that was perfect! My eyes were glazed with this idea.

I had this dream for myself and I spoke to my father about it. He said: “ Good luck, go for it!” He also mentioned that all those years studying english would be fantastic for me in Canada, however he didn’t know how I would perform in Canada, without any friends living in Canada, without any information about Canada (even the cities, weather, culture, people). But he believed in me.

Sometimes, I didn’t think this could be possible either. The only thing that I had: English (good for a Brazilian, but almost nothing here), Lawyer’s degree, some money (I had a car, motorcycle, apartment, etc – but I knew that I had to sell everything before coming to Canada) and wish to study the application process, learn everything about Canada and spend a lot of time away from the family.

That’s how I started the dream of living in Canada.

For help in filing your application contact me at or call 416-560-1464 (Toronto) in São Paulo (11) 4040-4423 (Brasil). Visit our page on facebook and follow us


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