Have you thought about opening an account at a Canadian bank?

Have you thought about opening an account at a Canadian bank?

When the subject is an exchange trip money must have great attention to detail. Some questions arise such as: How much money should I bring? How to get? What if I need more? And if I do not use it all? In response to these questions, consider the option of opening an account in Canada, see how easy the process and enjoy the convenience of having a card accepted at all establishments of the country.

The variety of banks in Canada, search for the best services and options that best suit your needs, according to your profile, purpose and travel time.

Besides the convenience, another advantage to open an account in Canada is easy so you do not need to walk with high amounts of cash by where. For security reasons, you can leave your money in the bank and withdraw at any branch 24h.

Some banks open account without charging fees from students who are staying for more than six months in the country, while others, much lower rates, enabling the account opening for students who are staying for a short period. The documents required to make this transaction will be your passport with valid visa, and full address. Except for hotels and hostels, all other addresses are valid as homestay , apartment or residence.

If I work, I need to have a bank account to receive my payment?

This is a question of some students who come to Canada to Study and Work program. At the time of hiring, ask what the payment method used by the company, and this in cash or paycheck. Often Canadian companies pay their employees throughpaychecks , and depending on the bank, is charged up to 5% of the check to make cash withdrawals. Stay tuned because the exchange of checks for cash shall be made ​​in the same agency that appears on the check. Banks such as Scotiabank does not charge for change, since the CIBC charges for the service.

If you also want to acquire a credit card, in addition to the usual debit card, you will need to make a security deposit. In some banks the amount of the deposit reaches 125% of the limit set for your account. Ex: If you want a limit of CAD 1,000, you will have to make a security deposit in the amount of CAD 1,250 in your account.

Before returning to Brazil, do not forget to close your account to avoid paying fees unforeseen until there is movement.

At the time of opening the account, ask questions and do not sign any document without first clarify all your doubts.

Learn more banks listed in Canada:


RBC Royal Bank of Canada – www.rbcroyalbank.com

BMO: Bank of Montreal – www.bmo.com

TD Canada Trust – www.tdcanadatrust.com

Scotia Bank – www.scotiabank.com

HSBC – www.hsbc.ca

CIBC – www.cibc.com

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