Haddad and Alckmin announce lower prices for transport in São Paulo

Haddad and Alckmin announce lower prices for transport in São Paulo

As protests continue in São Paulo and throughout Brazil, the governor Geraldo Alckmin and the mayor of São Paulo, Fernando Haddad announced lower prices for transport ticket R $ 3.20 to R $ 3.

In other cities of Brazil (Recife, João Pessoa, Porto Alegre, Cuiaba, Blumenau and Montas) the price of a bus ticket (main means of transport across the country) has been downgraded, but n ‘ was not enough to stop the wind of protest organized by the Pass Book motion on June 6. Behind these 20 cents, the Brazilian company boasts something else, such as users write on the Facebook page of Pass Book.

Patricia – ” This is not because the price is up to $ 3R that demonstrations must stop … as everyone knows, all this is not for 20 cents There is much more at stake continue, change.! everything! “.

Wellington – ” Let us show that the Brazilian people is able to do a demonstration tomorrow in peace with intelligent claims to bounce on what our rights. health, education, among others We do not want a cup. or the Olympics here in Brazil, but we want our rights to be recognized . “

What may be surprising is the silence of the political class in general does not seem to have realized that it is also concerned with this great protest movement, led by a youth who was able to mobilize through social networks and that, this time, took action down the street.

Tomorrow, despite the announcement of the price drop, the event is held at 5:00 p.m. at Praça do Ciclista (Metro Consolação / Paulista). It will certainly young waving victory signs but it would also allow to verify the motivations to “move Brazil.”

Sunday, the traditional day of Ciclofaixa (cycling) is also transformed into a day of family event “for the health, education and against corruption and violence.”


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