The events of June 17 marked a stage in the dynamics of protests

The events of June 17 marked a stage in the dynamics of protests

100,000 people in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo 65000, 10000 Aracaju, dozens investing dome of Parliament in Brasilia, the evening of June 17, events take another dimension to the streets in Brazil: we don ‘ is more to protest against rising public transport fares.

These are not only protesting students from São Paulo who express their existential bad mood, it is a whole youth, in the whole country rallied through social networks, dressed in white shirts rallying and brandishing Brazil flag that meets to denounce and invest the symbols of political power everywhere.

Among the objectives of the legislature in Rio de Janeiro occupied, the Bandeirantes Palace in Sao Paulo invested, the dome of the Congress in Brasilia invaded, and yet the critical areas of Belo Horizonte, Salvador, and even the streets of the quiet Aracaju in the North East …. Events accelerated and souls ignite. On Monday evening June 17 marks a step in the dynamics of street protests that shook the country last week. This is one huge and cry that expresses “something is wrong”. A cry informs generally expressed peacefully, but with the inevitable outbreaks of violence at the end of events when many outraged together colonize the streets of major cities.

Politicians out of it

On Monday evening, the Brazilian political class is taken aback, left coalition in power as opposed to the right. Returned back to back to their inability to respond to the widespread malaise that affects the youth of this country. “It will no longer! It will no longer promises of social paradise touted by the PT in power for 10 years that never materialize. It’s not going over the promised prosperity to an emerging middle class who can not see their standard of living improve significantly. It will no longer solemn announcements stimulus of growth slowing that keeps failing to catch his breath. It will no longer commitments moralization of politics without effect that never end lead to the perpetual repetition lower behaviors more dirt corruptions.

Dilma Rousseff beautiful state in a democracy, the right to protest is guaranteed and protected, this is not the response expected by the demonstrators. The Secretaries of Public different states where the streets are invested by the rebels have beautiful promise that the shock troops of the police will not gassed protesters Order does not prevent the anger of radical protest in which some falling into violence despite appeals for calm.

Existential question

Tonight Brazil is in crisis. And nobody knows exactly what he wants. Neither side of the leaders, or, really, one of the demonstrators. It’s just that something is wrong.The protest movement will perhaps be over as quickly as it was born and grown. Or take the contrary magnitude that will control. Tonight, no one can say. But Brazilian society and its leaders must always look at themselves and the existential future they prepare is imperative. With or without street protests. The best President Dilma Rousseff would have to do is to call the States General of the National Development immediately to diagnose the malaise and seek with the figures of the entire civil society, what are the answers. Without established agenda or assumption on solutions that may arise.

A bold bet, just a year before the general elections in October 2014. But a gamble that appears each time more imperative. To possibly save his re-election, but mostly the democratic functioning of the nation …


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