Trade between Brazil and Canada requires agreement

Trade between Brazil and Canada requires agreement

Trade between Brazil and Canada could increase by 60% in three years if an agreement was signed bilateral trade between the two countries. In 2012, the exchanges were just over $ 6 billion. The potential is $ 10 billion.

“Trade has grown a lot since 2005, when it was somewhere around $ 2 billion. If no agreement is reached, it will take at least about eight years to reach this potential $ 10 billion”.

According to the agreement initiated in 2005 with the members of Mercosul, as Brazil can not negotiate such agreement without the participation of other members. Since then, have not progressed. The last meeting were held in December 2012. “But the political issues of the block, such as the suspension of Paraguay and the entry of Venezuela, fought negotiations”.

Studies by the Brazilian Agency for Promotion of Exports and Investments (Apex), in partnership with industry, which lists the sectors of the Brazilian economy that have an interest in selling to Canada: coffee, chicken, fruits, juices, wine, ornamental stone and ceramic and candies, plastic, glass, metal and lighting and honey.

“There is interest in these sectors and space in the country to absorb these products”. “Also, with entering these products in Canada means having access to NAFTA (Mexico, USA and Canada) and enjoy a free market and open”.


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