Marriage registration in Brazil

Marriage registration in Brazil

Many people have questions about how to register in Brazil a marriage performed abroad. These questions were answered in Resolution No. 155 (2012) of the National Council of Justice (CNJ) and bring you the step by step to achieve the record.

Initially, the record will depend on how the wedding was held abroad. There are two hypotheses:

1st hypothesis: marriage performed before Brazilian consular authority.

2nd hypothesis: marriage performed before a foreign authority.

The document certifying the marriage in each case is different. In the first case, the document is a certificate issued by the seat wedding Brazilian consular authority. In the second case, the document is a foreign marriage certificate – in the latter case, before starting the processing for marriage registration, the applicant must document legalized through diplomatic channels before the Brazilian consular authority having jurisdiction over the place where the certificate was issued and make the translation of the document by a public translator.

It should then take all the documentation indicated below the 1st Civil Registry Office of Natural Persons of the District of domicile or the 1st Civil Registry Office of Natural Persons of the Federal District, where the person concerned has no domicile in Brazil.


  1. Seat marriage certificate issued by the Brazilian consular authority or foreign marriage certificate, as applicable;

  2. Birth certificate Brazilian spouse or marriage certificate with previous evidence of its dissolution;

  3. Statement of domicile of the person concerned in the District or proof of residence / domicile, at its discretion, and;

  4. Request signed by one of the spouses or by proxy.

Important Notes:

All documents submitted must be originals.

In some cases, such as the Brazilian-born or the possible existence of a prenuptial agreement, other documents are required (read the article. 13 of Resolution No. 155 (2012) CNJ to verify that in your particular case it is necessary to present other documents) .

It is always good to remember that some countries have agreements with Brazil that provide for the waiver of legalization of public documents issued by the foreign country or simplified procedures for its legalization. Therefore, observe the specific rules between the foreign country and Brazil before starting the processing for registration of their marriage.

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