New program CIC facilitates the immigration of technical professionals

New program CIC facilitates the immigration of technical professionals

On January 2, 2013, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) began the immigration program for skilled technical professionals (FSTP – Federal Skilled Trades Program), geared more for the professional who puts, say, a “hands on”.See the requirements for the application and knows who actually designed the program.

The CIC aims to process up to 3,000 requests through the FSTP in 2013, and the new program seems to be a good alternative for those who could not qualifying immigration programs in Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and Federal Skilled Worker.

5 Requirements

To qualify for the FSTP, the candidate must meet the following five requirements:

  • Have minimum experience of 2 years in specialized profession during the last 5 years preceding the application. The CIC specified 43 professions as eligible for the program, and for these 17 occupations, a maximum of 100 applications will be accepted for occupancy. Before applying, applicants should check the website of CIC is the maximum height of its occupation has not yet been reached.

  • The candidate must have a job offer in Canada for the full period of at least 1 year in specialized profession, offered by employers to 2. Period integral means at least 30 hours of work per week. Thus, the candidate may also be eligible if it offers two employers with 15 working hours per week each. But in practice this requirement is not so simple. The candidate for FTSP have to get offers from employers who had a positive assessment of the Labour Market Opinions (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Service Canada), because only these employers can hire foreign workers. Another option, in the absence of jobs, is the presentation of a certificate of qualification issued by a provincial or territorial learning.

  • The candidate will have to meet the requirements to work in your area of ??expertise in Canada, described in the National Occupational Classification (NOC) from Service Canada.

  • The candidate must meet or exceed the minimum requirements of language knowledge. However, the requirements for FSTP are well below those of the program to qualified professionals Skilled Worker and also slightly lower than the Canadian Experience Class. At present, candidates for FSTP should reach level 4 in Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) for Speaking and Listening and level 5 for Reading and Writing. For those who do IELTS, correspondence is 5.0 for Listening, 5.0 for Speaking, 3.5 for Reading and 4.0 for Writing. More information can be obtained on the website of CIC-Language testing – Skilled trades.

  • And lastly, the candidates may be established in any province of Canada except Quebec.

Well, to whom the program is intended?

At first glance, we can not realize to whom the FSTP benefits because every occupation eligible for FSTP is also eligible for CEC.

With the reduction of years of work experience required 2 to 1 taken by CIC in CEC program, people will not be eligible for FSTP also eligible for CEC without having to worry about quotas by type of job?

In addition, if an applicant has a job offer by a Canadian employer that qualifies for FSTP, that same person, having secured employment, is also qualified for the program Skilled Worker.

Besides the fact that the ICC seems to want to shut down the requests for Skilled Worker, there was any other reason why someone with a job, apply for and not for the FSTP program Skilled Worker?


The first category of people who would benefit from the FSTP would be those who have IELTS results are not sufficient for the CEC or the program Skilled Worker. The requirements concerning the language of the program Skilled Worker will be increased to CLB 7 in all skills. Many people with good English will not be able to get those test results. Furthermore, for the professional technician who will apply for occupations NOC 0 or A, the differences in language level requirement between FSTP and CEC are significant.

The second group that will benefit from the FSTP are people who do not have jobs but have qualification certificates. The FSTP also benefit those who want or need to work for more than one employer.

Finally, the third category that will benefit from the FSTP are those who have gained experience through their own businesses. Many technical people in Canada had experience working as freelancers, or independent contractors. This kind of experience is not considered for the CEC but can be used with the FSTP.

The CIC is promoting the FSTP as a way of facilitating the permanent entry in Canada of people with technical skills that have demand in the country. Many of these people have undoubtedly achieved permanent residence through the CEC or the program and Skilled Worker. However, the FSTP comes to seal the openings of these two other programs, by which many qualified technical professionals no longer approved.

To apply for the immigration program of technical professionals, contact me at or call 416-560-1464 (Toronto). Visit our page on Facebook and follow us



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