How to get a tourist visa and student to Canada

Canadian Visa – How to get a tourist visa and student to Canada

The Canadian tourist visa, unlike the U.S., has long duration and generally goes for 6 months (in rare cases reaches up to 1 year). To get the visa you must provide a justification, which can be a trip to tour or study, lasting up to six months.

Types of visas

  • Single Entry

This visa allows the traveler to enter Canada only once, but there is an exception to this rule, which is to the U.S.. Travelers with single entry visa can go to the U.S. and back to Canada many times as they want, as long as the visa is within the validity period and the traveler does not visit another country besides the U.S..

  • Multiple entries

This visa allows the traveler to enter and leave Canada to any country as long as the visa is valid.

Duration of the visa

The requested visa in Brazil is an entry, so the expiration date it is valid only to limit how long a person may enter Canada. Who’s to say how long a person can stay in the country is the immigration officer in Canada, when the traveler arrives in the country.

Each time the traveler enters Canada, he receives a residence permit, which is the date on which the traveler must leave the country. The standard is that immigration officers allow the traveler to stay for 6 months, but in some cases it may be just the time needed to complete the purpose of the trip (either walk or study), ie. less than six months.

Visa requirements

Every Canadian visa is processed in São Paulo, but it is not necessary that the applicant will personally. For this, you can use services dispatchers.

The Canadian Consulate just created a department authorized by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada to receive visa applications, called VAC (Visa Application Centre), which will meet on August 19, 2011.

VAC is responsible for:

  • pass on relevant information about the requirements for obtaining a visa, as published by the Canadian Consulate;

  • receive the application and required documents;

  • review applications to ensure that they are complete, and

  • guide them safely to the visa section of the Consulate of Canada in Sao Paulo.

  • return the passport to the applicant and the decision by secure means.

The Canadian consulate is encouraging all visa applicants to submit their applications at the VAC from the 19th of August and take advantage of the differential of the extended business hours and customer service on site.

The documents needed to request a tourist visa are:

  • Forms IMM5257ENU and CIC_Quest

  • Two recent photographs, 3cm x 5cm, the principal applicant and each accompanying person.

  • A copy of the identity card (both sides).

  • Passport or valid travel document. If you have, please provide previous passports.

  • Proof that you have sufficient resources available and to remain in Canada. For example: last income tax with delivery receipt, the last three payslips and / or social contract and bank statements.

  • Evidence of social and economic ties with their country of origin, such as: statements from your employer for the last three payments for work performed (if you are employed); latest update of the documents of incorporation indicating the business bank account (if you are entrepreneur); proof of your enrolment in a Brazilian teaching institution (if you are a student).

According to the website of the Canadian consulate, they do not require the applicant to submit more than one type of proof of income, but the reality is another. They usually require at least two types of evidence, and the IR and extracts from checking or savings account key.

To prove income you can count on help from guarantors (first-degree relatives or business where the applicant works). You may have to be more of a guarantor, and each must submit a letter costing.

Tips for filling out forms

  • In IMM5257ENU:

This form must be completed compulsory computer. People often forget to validate the form. To do this just click a blue button that inserts a barcode on the form, making it valid.

  • In CIC_Quest

This form must be filled out. Answer all questions in a meaningful way is essential to the applicant, for this questionnaire is essential to pass personal information, since there is no interview process. It is therefore based on this questionnaire that the intentions of the applicant are analyzed.


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