BrazilFest 2013

BrazilFest 2013

Since the heat reaches Toronto, the city prepares a schedule to enjoy the outdoors with many free options. One of the prominent attractions of the summer is The BrazilFest: the BrazilFest brings pastel, caipirinhas, drumsticks, coconut water, cool beer, barbecue, brazilian music, and local artists. The program also has the Beaches International Jazz Festival, reggae festival and many more attractions.

Last Sunday was green and yellow with lots of music and 15 food stalls, the largest being the pastel Monday. The community also enjoyed the delight of feijoada, steak with rice and beans, barbecued chicken hearts and sausage, drumstick, kibbeh, tropical fruit icecream and more. Coconut water, açai, sugarcane juice, caipirinha with coconut water and cool beer.

Lots of children activities were offered, with lots of toys and games on and off the stage. There was a booth where children could go and make their own ice cream.

In the item song, the main attraction of 2013 BrazilFest was a group from Rio de Janeiro, the band performed lots of typical brazilian songs.

The festival was fantastic. The crowd brought their family and friends and enjoyed the Brazilian culture.


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