Cost of living in Toronto

Cost of living in Toronto

One of the questions that I’ve been asked is about the cost of living in Canada. First of all, it all depends on your lifestyle and the city that you are planning to live in Canada. As I am living in Toronto, I decided to try to help out with an average cost for a family of two. As I don’t have kids I don’t know the costs for food, daycare, nanny, diapers, sports, recreation, etc.

Below you can find the cost of living in Toronto (approximately):

  • Rent (one bedroom apartment): $850

  • Rental insurance: $30

  • Transportation (1 adult metropass): $109

  • Food: $300

  • Telephone: $50

  • Clothing: $100

  • Cable TV (basic) + Internet (basic): $60

  • Other expenses: $140

  • Total cost: $1,619

Remember, this is not 100% accurate – it will depends on your lifestyle. It could be less if instead of living in a one bedroom apartment you rent a basement. Usually, when you rent a basement you don’t have to pay for utilities, cable, internet.

In addition, when you’re renting a place you have to pay for the first and the last month. Please plan ahead and remember that on the very first months you will have to pay more as you have to furnish your place (microwave, tv, computer, clothes, etc).


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