Visa Application Centres of Canada (CASV)

Visa Application Centres of Canada (CASV) in Brazil will have new addresses and new management in October

Starting next month, the Canadian government will change the company that manages the Visa Application Centres of Canada (VAC) in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and São Paulo. With changing the stations will have new addresses and attendance will be the replacement of the employees, but there should be no major changes in the process of requesting and issuing visas Canadians.

The change is being informed by a message on the VAC site. The text, however, says the centers will be closed permanently in October. Asked by Top Destinations, however, the Canadian embassy clarified that there will only change the outsourced company that manages the centers.

According to the embassy, the new service centers are located in areas close to Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, to facilitate the access of applicants to Canada. Addresses, however, are not yet defined and will be released soon.

Replacing the company also should not cause changes in the visa application process, which will continue to be done via VAC or online.

Asked by Top Destinations on recent delays in the issuance and delivery of visas, the Canadian Consulate said the problems were punctual, related to problems such as computer systems already solved.

The VAC will close permanently on the following dates: Rio de Janeiro: October 1st, 2013 – Brasilia: October 2, 2013 – Sao Paulo: October 3, 2013, at 14 o’clock. After this day, applicants should contact the Canadian Consulate in Sao Paulo or Citizenship and Immigration Canada, for information.

After closing the VACs, the remaining passports will be returned by the Consulate by registered letter to the address indicated on the application form for a visa.

The Centers for Visa Requirements (VACs) are authorized to accept applications for study permit, work permit, temporary resident visa and travel documents for permanent residents on behalf of the Canadian Embassy in Brazil. VAC’s employees will verify that the application forms were filled out completely and signed, and are accompanied by documents required proofs. They can also arrange passport return through DHL and verify that the required processing fee has been paid. Applicants for permanent residence and applications for seasonal agricultural worker must send your documents directly to the Canadian Embassy.

The VACs are only created to provide support to candidates. VAC staff are not allowed to issue or refuse a visa or permit, nor have any influence on the result of a request, nor should they be requested for advice. Please note that the following items are prohibited inside the dependences VAC at all times: alcohol, illegal drugs and weapons, including firearms, explosives, knives or chemicals of any kind.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) must conform to a strict criterion Privacy Act which also extends to all of our missions and employees abroad. These requirements also apply to any individual or company doing work for or on behalf of CIC. The obligations to ensure privacy and to protect disclosure of information is taken very seriously and only a minimum of your personal information necessary for your application at the VAC will be used by us.

For help in filing your application contact me at or call 416-560-1464 (Toronto). Visit our page on Facebook and follow us

See you soon.

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