Should I hire an immigration consultant?

Should I hire an immigration consultant?

After much preparation, struggle and sacrifice, you are finally ready to immigrate permanently to Canada. Behold, then a question arises: should I pay an immigration consultant? In general, people, focusing primarily on the financial aspect, are tempted to deal alone with all the bureaucratic issue. However, rely on the services of a specialist – despite not guarantee the visa – greatly increases the chances of the candidate to be successful in your application.

The immigration process is not simple. And the professional will assists the candidate throughout the application procedure, indicating that the form must be submitted, the necessary documentation, and help you decide which immigration category is best suited to their profile. The firm avoids the candidate waste time or be disappointed with a claim denied by this have been misconceived.

However, it is essential to be careful in choosing this consultant. Seek references and make sure that it is an accredited professional. Dealing specifically consulting immigration to Canada, the ICCRC is the regulatory body (The Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council of Canada). Only professionals related to this board are authorized to represent the applicant legally.

Acting this way, the candidate has the security of knowing whom to contact in case of bad practice their profession. On the other hand, there is also the confidence of having a highly qualified professional who has complete masters in immigration law.

The basic course can reach up to one year. A professional at this level prevents the candidate falls in recurrent miscarriage, as “adorn” the reality, judging by this make the application for permanent residence more interesting. Or even falling into contradiction, because inevitably at some point you will need to prove what was said and presented during the application period. At this stage, it takes maximum care not to thwart, by carelessness, a life project.

However, as stated earlier, it is not the consultant who decides whether or not you will immigrate to Canada. The successful application is related to other factors, such as knowledge of English or French, any previous link with the country, vocational training which Canada has demand, etc.. The more items served, the greater the chance of success.

Keep in mind that if your request is denied, do not despair. You can try as many times as you want. Discuss your problem with your consultant. And do not give up your dream.

For help in filing your application contact me at or call 416-560-1464 (Toronto). Visit our page on Facebook and follow us

See you soon.


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