Immigration through study

Immigration through study

Did you know that after graduating from a higher education institution in Canadian, legally registered with the Immigration Department, you can request your permanent residence? Many people have questions about this process, and what the rules are, how to become eligible. Thinking about it, we wrote this post.

See list of all institutions registered with the Canadian Immigration:

How to get a work permit after graduation?

The Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) allows students who have graduated from an institution of higher education in Canada and who are searching for a valuable work experience in the country, they can gain experience in the Canadian labour market for a period of up at most three. The authorization is valid only for a study program of the student and the course must be at least two years duration.

For example, if you graduate in a degree program for four years, you may be eligible for a work permit for three years if you meet the criteria required by immigration. If you graduate from a certificate program for 2 years, you would be eligible for a work visa valid in Canada. Courses lasting more than two years, the PGWP is issued with three-year validity.

The experience in the Canadian labour market gained through PGWPP help graduates qualify for permanent residence in Canada through the Program Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Canadian Experience Class

Canada is looking for people who can contribute to the economy, ie, if you are a foreign student who recently graduated from a higher education institution in Canada, you probably have the qualities to make a successful transition from temporary to permanent residence. In addition to the work experience, knowledge of English or French is important.

Am I eligible?

Here are some rules for you to become eligible for the program:

  • Have worked for at least one year in the area of training, being considered by the Canadian Immigration office as High Skill;

  • You must have studied full-time in Canada in a program of study with a minimum duration of two years;

  • You must apply for a work permit within 90 days after receiving written confirmation (for example, a transcript or an official letter) from your institution indicating that they have met the requirements for completing your academic program;

  • You must have completed a positive program of study and have received a notification that you are eligible to get your diploma or certificate;

  • You must have a valid student visa for when you apply for the work visa.

Important: If you graduated from a training program or professional in a public or private secondary institution in Quebec, regulated by the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS), you may be eligible to apply for the Post-Graduation Work Permit.

Follow the link and see all rules established by the Canadian Immigration:

What can not

Studying at a program lasting less than two years;

Participate in a Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade;

Attend an Awards Program of the Canadian Government, funded by DFAIT;

Receiving funding from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA);

Participate in the Equal Opportunity Scholarship, Canada-Chile;

Participate in the Canada-China Scholars Exchanges Program;

Participate in the Organization of American States Fellowships Program;

Participate in a program of distance education abroad or within Canada, or

What has previously been issued one Post-Graduation Work Permit Program following any program of study.

Want to know more about the program?

Please contact us at or call 416-560-1464 (Toronto). Visit our page on Facebook and follow us


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