Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class undergoes changes and sets limits on the annual number of immigrants approved

The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Chris Alexander, recently spoke about the growth of the immigration program Canadian Experience Class (CEC). But on the 8th of November, he announced, among other changes, a limit on the number of immigrants to be accepted for the program will come into effect from November 9, 2013 and October 31, 2014.

Within this period, only 12,000 applications for the CEC will be accepted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. “The Canadian Experience Class allowed more than 25,000 people immigrate to Canada permanently to contribute their skills and talents,” said Chris. “The government is taking concrete decisions to reduce delays in processing time. In making these changes in the Canadian Experience Class, we are moving towards an immigration system more efficient and effective. “

Despite the annual limit of 12,000 entries, Canada still want to receive approximately 15,000 immigrants via CEC in 2014, as announced recently.

In addition, six professions will be cut from the list of occupations accepted by the CEC, due to the program having already achieved the goal related to these occupations. They are:

  • cooks (NOC code 6322);

  • food service supervisors (NOC 6311);

  • Administrative Officers (NOC 1221);

  • administrative assistants (NOC 1241);

  • bookkeepers and accounting technicians (NOC 1311), and

  • retail sales supervisors (NOC 6211).

Immigration also has many applications for these occupations to be processed, and will kill all processes.

There will also be a sub-limit of 200 entries for each occupation NOC B occupations that are more technical and administrative. NOCs and A 0 (managerial and professional) will not receive this sub-limit, but will within the total limit of 12,000 entries.

The language proficiency requirements will be maintained, but the proof of language level will be assessed before each process is initiated. The current requirements are Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 for occupations NOCs 0 or A, and CLB 5 to occupations NOC B. This new measure will ensure that candidates without minimum level of language proficiency are eliminated earlier, and the processing resources of the government to be concentrated in the candidates who have more chances if they are approved.

Candidates who fail to demonstrate a minimum level of knowledge of the language will have their entries returned, and receive a refund of the processing fee.

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