Provincial Nominee Program

What is it and how does the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)?

The PNP is an economic immigration program created to help canadian provinces to meet the demands of their labor markets. The program helps employers attract foreign professionals with skills and experience to work in Canadian business and contribute to the expansion of the economy. The Provincial Nominee Program selects also entrepreneurs willing to invest in the province’s economy, creating more jobs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

The PNP is operated by the provincial government in partnership with the federal government through the Canadian Immigration. The program evaluates the applications and nominates candidates for permanent residency, although the final decision is from the Department of Immigration.

Who is eligible?

There are two ways: either as the Skills for Business Immigration Immigration.

If the applicant is an entrepreneur wanting to live in Canada to manage its business, may be eligible to immigrate by PNP Business Immigration.

Through Skills are eligible:

  • Skilled workers (managers and professionals)

  • Health professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.)

  • Foreign graduates in Canadian colleges and universities

  • Semi-skilled workers in Tourism / Hospitality

How does the program work?

The applicant accepts a job offer full-time indeterminate an employer in the region, willing to help with the application for permanent residence through the PNP. If the applicant is currently working in the province with a temporary permit, the employer must offer a position with no end date.

If the candidate with the employer meets the criteria of the program can then apply for the Provincial Nominee Program. The Department will review the application in relation to the requirements and, if the application is approved, will be granted permanent residence. If necessary, the candidate will be provided a letter of work permit so he can apply to obtain or renew a work permit.

After the program name the candidate for permanent residence, you must submit an application to the Department of Immigration Canada. The deadline to apply is six months. If approved, will be issued a permanent residence visa to live in Canada.

How to apply?

First, the candidate and the employer fill out the forms. Then, you pay a fee of CAD $550. Once approved the application, you must enter an application to the Immigration Department for permanent residence.

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