Spousal Work in Canada

Spouse of an international student in Canada can legally work in the country

Many people do not know, but who are married or living in a stable relationship with a foreign student in Canada (enrolled in a post-secondary course) can work legally in the country. The work permit has the same length as the course of the spouse, and does not require a job offer or a letter of opinion favourable labour market issued by the Canadian government.

The Spouse is already packed and ready to travel to Canada in the coming weeks. The decision to live in the country was made after her husband enrolled in the course of at Univeristy of Toronto, one of the most prestigious universities in the country, located in Ontario. Being married to an international student, the spouise embarks with a open work permit, which will entitle her to work in any Canadian province while her husband is studying. “I need help at home, and the cost of Canadian life is not cheap. If I had not had the opportunity to work in Canada, our trip to the country really would be impossible, “she says.

As the spouse, anyone who is married or living in community property with an international student in Canada can apply for a work permit, since your companion is enrolled full time in a public institution of post-secondary education, university or college. In the case of private schools of higher education, it is necessary that they are authorized by each province to provide diplomas or receive at least 50 per cent of government funding, as with some colleges in Quebec.

The open work permit allows the applicant to work in any area, provided that it meets the minimum requirements for each function. In the case of regulated professions in Canada, such as medicine and engineering, it is necessary for the person to go through all the training and testing to be authorized to work in the area. Those who intend to work with children or in health services should undergo a medical examination, and you must indicate this option in the application for the visa.

The fact follow his spouse does not allow the applicant to study in the country. To do so, you must follow all the regulations required to get the permission of studies, such as letter from the school confirming enrolment.

We will show all the steps for those who are married or living in a stable relationship with an international student in Canadian territory and wants to get a work permit. More information can be obtained on the website of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

  • Fill out the form IMM 5710, referring to changing conditions, extended stay or remain in Canada as a worker

  • Copy of marriage certificate

  • Those who live in stable fill the need Statuary Declaration of Stable Union.

  • Copy of passport pages showing the document number, date of issue and expiry, name, date of birth, any marking that has been made.

  • Proof of enrolment in a spouse’s ongoing post-secondary full-time in universities or public colleges or private institutions authorized by the government.

  • To avoid errors, it is advisable that the applicant write a letter stating that you want to apply for an open work permit (open permit), emphasizing the spouse of an international student.

  • Pay a fee of CAD $150. The amount can be paid by internet banking or at any branch in Canada through the form.

  • Send all documents (including proof of payment) online or via mail to the following address: Case Processing Centre-Vegreville-Work-Permit 6212-55th Avenue, Unit 555 – Vegreville, AB, T9C 1X6. For those who live in Brazil’s request can be made via the VAC (visa application center) or in person at the Canadian Consulate in Sao Paulo.

For help in filing your application contact me at info@brxgroup.ca or call 416-560-1464 (Toronto). Visit our page on Facebook and follow us https://www.facebook.com/InvestorServicesAndImmigration.


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