Internships: Where knowledge meets know-how

Internships: Where knowledge meets know-how

Internships are a great way for your business to benefit from the knowledge and enthusiasm of a recent graduate while providing valuable on-the-job experience for young job seekers in your community. Hiring an intern can help your business to:

Develop a successful e-business presence and bring new technological skills and knowledge to your company
Undertake a cutting-edge research project
Grow or enhance a specific aspect of your business
Mentor a new graduate
An intern is a special kind of employee. Their length of employment is determined beforehand and limited, usually to a few months or less than a year. Often, the intern is a recent graduate who may be joining your team with plenty of education, but lacking some of the ‘hands-on’ training that can only come from working in the field.

There may also be government support for your business internship. Programs such as the Small Business Internship Program (link no longer active) can help you with up to 75% of eligible wages (to a maximum of $10 000).

Remember that an intern has the same rights and responsibilities as any other employee. You will have to register your intern with Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and your business will have the same responsibility and liability towards your intern that you have toward your other long-term employees.

Whether it’s for help with a specific project, enhancing your e-business presence, or growing your business in new directions, an intern may be the perfect fit for your small or medium-sized business. Consider putting the potential and enthusiasm of a recent graduate to work for you.


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