Science Without Borders

Science Without Borders

Not everyone can afford the cost of studying in another country. But what many people do not know is that there are programs that allow this international experience through scholarships. One of the programs is the Science without Borders , which seeks to promote the consolidation, expansion and internationalization of Brazilian science and technology, through the exchange and international mobility. Learn the history of Manoel and learn how to participate.

The program has agreements and partnerships with various educational institutions, exchange programs and research institutes around the world, including Canada.

The project involves the use of up to 101 thousand scholarships over four years to promote exchanges, so that undergraduates and graduate can also do internship abroad.

To find out what specific areas the bags are available, click here .

To be eligible for the program, applicants must meet certain requirements that vary according to the chosen course.

For the undergraduate program, for example, is required of the candidate:

Being Brazilian or naturalized;
Be regularly enrolled in a higher education institution in Brazil in courses related to the priority areas of Science Without Borders;
Notes have been rated by the National High School Exam – ENEM – with at least 600 points considering the tests applied from 2009;
Possess good academic performance;
Have completed at least 20% and at most 90% of the planned curriculum for the undergraduate course.
For students graduate is different. To request a scholarship doctoral or postdoctoral studies abroad, the candidate must first obtain the acceptance of foreign university or institution desired. To be accepted by foreign universities, the applicant may contact directly with the institution or seek job through partners’ Science without Borders program in the country you want to study.

Students and researchers of the Science without Borders will receive training in the best institutes and research groups available among the most highly regarded for each area of knowledge, according to the main international rankings.


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