Prepare for life in Canada

Prepare for life in Canada

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It is important before you move to Canada to research the most suitable place for you and your family to live and the best ways to find support as you build your new lives. These pages will help you prepare for your move.


Prepare to work

Finding a job in Canada may be different from finding a job in your home country. Make sure you are prepared to work in Canada.


Get your credentials assessed

Find out if your foreign education, work experience or professional credentials are equivalent to the standards set for Canadian workers. Get your credentials assessed.


Prepare financially

The information will help you to estimate how much it will cost you to live in Canada.


Choose a city

Canada is a large country with many places to live, each with its own weather, culture, services and more. Even if you have friends and family living in Canada, take time to think about what you want your new life to be like.


Learn English and French

Speaking either English or French can help you to adapt to life in Canada by making it easier to get a job, communicate with Canadians and talk with your children in the language they learn at school.


Get to know Canada

Canada may be very different from your home country, which means there is a great deal to learn about and explore before you arrive here.


Learn what you can bring to Canada

Find out what you can bring when you cross the border to Canada.


Bring the right documents

Make sure you have the right documents when you cross the border to Canada.


Get help adjusting to Canada

Take a few minutes to answer questions using the Living in Canada tool. It will provide you with important information about resources and services that can help you adjust to life in Canada.


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