New Immigration system will select candidates online

Canada Welcome-to-CANADA 1


The Canadian Immigration revealed more details of the new Immigration system, “Express Entry”, which came into force in early 2015.


To expedite the process, the selection of candidates will be made over the Internet: the person concerned will have to fill an online form stating your skill with English and / or French, level and educational profile, work experience, among other details.


All applications will be in a database and then profiles will be selected according to the greatest potential of immigration. Those chosen in this first ‘online screen’ will win the right to file application in one of the three following types of Federal immigration: 1) Federal Skilled Worker (Skilled Worker), 2) Federal Skilled Trade (Technical Worker), 3) Canadian Experience Class.


The main objective of the new process, as its name indicates, will be to create a faster and more efficient immigration system, reducing years of processing time to just months (there are currently taking processes about 2 years!).


Another purpose of the “Express Entry” is to select applicants who can more easily fill vacancies in high demand and that they can better meet the specific needs of each Canadian province of labor market.


From a structural point of view, the new Immigration system (which copies the model already successfully practiced in Australia) will become more competitive candidate selection. Certainly will come out ahead the candidate with training and work experience that is in high demand in Canada and / or also the one who already have a job offer from a Canadian company.



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