Live in Canada

Cana Immigration 01

Event offers lecture for those who want to live in Canada

Between the 16th and 27th of this month, seven Brazilian cities will host a series of lectures about immigration process to Canada. The project, entitled “Brazil Education Tour.

The lecture will involve twelve Canadian institutions, including universities, language schools and ICCRC immigration consultants, government regulator of Canada, who will present opportunities for study in undergraduate and graduate.

“In recent years greatly increased the demand for long-term courses, with the possibility of immigration in our branches. Dissatisfied with the current Brazilian political and economic conditions abroad seeking better quality of life, more security, financial stability and less corruption.

In addition to the procedures for immigration, the event will also talk about Canadian culture, with lectures on public health, safety, economy and other topics related to the country. It is an opportunity for students to have direct contact with the best educational institutions and understand what really meets their needs. Participation in lectures is free.

Check out the lecture schedule

Belo Horizonte (MG) – PUC Belo Horizonte – March 16th at 19h

Curitiba (PR) – PUC Curitiba – March 17th at 19h

Blumenau (SC) – Unicesumar – March 19 at 13:30

Blumenau (SC) – FURB – March 19th at 19h

Porto Alegre (RS) – IBGEN – March 23 at 19h

Novo Hamburgo (RS) – FTEC – March 24th at 19h

Novo Hamburgo (RS) – FACCAT – March 24th at 20h

Caxias do Sul (RS) – FSG – March 25th at 19h

Jaguariúna (SP) – College of Jaguariúna – March 27th at 19h


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