Quebec Skilled Work Program

Quebec Skilled Work Program

Quebec to Accept Around 10000 Skilled Worker Applications from June 2016

Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness Minister of Quebec has announced the restarting of its online skilled worker program (QSWP) on 13th June 2016. From that date it would start to accept around 5000 applications towards an entire quota of 10,000 under its QSWP program.

The online system was facing repeated delays since the start of this year. Over 42,000 applications has been waiting from 26th February 2016, when the program was suppose to open, for submitting their applications through the struggling online website.

If you are interested, please forward resume to Including your full age, working experience, education background and English proficiency. The same goes to your spouse if you are married.


Possible Ways to Immigrate to Canada


Please check the Canadian Government website, all info you may need is there

Are you inadmissible?

maybe you are and you can’t even qualify, please check here first

Are you eligible?

EE – Express Entry

Provincial Nominees

Quebec SW

Investor immigration




Are you inadmissible?

Do you want to open you own company Start Up Visa

As you can see, there are so many immigration options. Are you lost? I would be….

That’s why you retain me as your immigration consultant, representative, lawyer, to educate and help you in your endeavors. If you have questions, I may guide you – of course I may charge for my time. Send you CV to

Immigration Opportunities



It’s not difficult to immigrate to Canada. It depends about the qualifications. If a person qualifies, him/her (and the family – kids under 19 years old) will be possible to move to Canada. You can immigrate thru sponsorship, investor, investments, as worker or student. Just follow my posts. At this stage we have job positions for certified chefs and cooks. Canada is the country for foreigners, so many nationalities here.


Send me your CV, explain your case, and we will draft your best case scenario, cost efficient, and fast procedure. You can add me on wechat, however all information must be through email, I will not answer personal question on PM, all questions must be in the group (


We are an immigration office based in Toronto – Canada. We have great opportunities for people that want to immigrate to Canada. We have employers hiring “potential newcomers”. If you qualify, you will be invited to come to Canada and work for a Canadian company. Please send us your resume, we will assess your file and tell you if we can help you.


If you are a serious person and want to change your life send us your resume. Please forward it to Including your full age, working experience, education (background) and English proficiency. The same goes to your spouse if you are married.


IELTS is mandatory for all persons that were not born in Canada.

Immigration to Canada

Our office is located in Toronto – Canada; we work with all types of immigration. We also have as some of our clients’ employers willing to hire foreign work. Please send your CV (resume) to our office for initial assessment. If we have a potential job offer for you we will be in touch. We will reply to all emails with 10-20 days (in case we don’t reply to you past 30 days, please let us know.

Keep in mind that not everyone will qualify for the opportunities opened; it depends on the employer who will choose the most suitable applicant.

Refugee case is more complex and demands lots of hours of work. If you want to apply as a refugee in Canada, please let us know your case, reasons to apply as a refugee. The application may take more than 5 years to be converted to a Permanent Resident case initial cost is CAD$10,000.

If you do not qualify for any current immigration program. You can consider studying in Canada for one or two years. We have connections with secondary and post secondary schools, providing diploma course, vocational course, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree course. All these education institutions are recognized by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) .You can get a work visa after your graduation and then you apply for immigration after one-year work with your work visa. We provide a one-step service, which covers a study-work- immigration process.

If you are willing to study in a vocational school. We can help you immigrate after the course, we can provide service from the beginning of school admission to the end of PR Card. We can provide the vocational school package starting at $30,000 up to $50,000, which includes; tuition fee, French / English language fee, service fee for school admission, study permit, work permit, immigration. After the end of studies, you will get Canadian qualification which is a huge benefit for Job hunting. And you are qualified for immigration.

If you have not yet decided to study in Canada or sent your kids to study in Canada. You can choose to start with a Summer/Winter Camp here. Within 20 days, your kids can study in a true Canadian environment and explore the cultural and natural richness of Canada. We provide a variety of themed Summer/Winter Camps, services include camp registration, airport pick-up, accommodation and visa.

If you want to visit Canada as a tourist or business investor; or you just want to come to visit your family members or friends, we can provide you with invitation letters and visa application.