Basic Information about how to immigrate to Canada

Cana Immigration 01

Basic Information about how to immigrate to Canada


Our office is based in Toronto – Canada.


First, we will collect information. Then we will provide the best possible immigration plans for your situation, followed with the pros and cons of each plan. Then you make the choice.


How many years of FULL TIME job do you have in these hotels?


Alright. You may be eligible for FSW. Let us explain the current requirements to you.


All applications are in a platform called Express Entry (EE). Each applicant has a score which is calculated based on his/her education, working experience, age, language, etc.


Have you ever taken IELTS (English test) or TEF (French test)? If yes what is the score? Send us a copy of your score


In most of the cases, the only thing the applicant needs to do is to take IELTS and/or TEF. We will help with all other procedures.


If you get 7 overall in IELTS, you can be put into EE. But the score is 390+. Which means you will never be invited. However, we can help to add extra score if you take TEF (French speakers). We are confident you would be invited with added score.


If you are serious about coming to Canada with your current qualification, we suggest you take an IELTS test first.


All persons not born in Canada are required to have IELTS test.



Canada Immigration sends invitation to applicants with highest scores in a bi-weekly rotation. Once you get the invitation, you have succeeded 90% of the process. Immigration Canada will make the final decision within three-six months.


Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us at any time



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