The Great Trail in Canada

great-trail-01 great-trail-02 great-trail-03

Canada will open the largest recreational trail in the world


In 2017, Canada will complete 150 years old and has a lot cool there. One will be the official opening of The Great Trail.

The Great Trail is a trail of 24,000 km that will link the country from east to west, from the Pacific to the Atlantic and the Arctic. Many of the trails that are part of this project already existed, others have been created in disabled train lines. To give you an idea of the size of the challenge is to create a behemoth such, the construction of 202 bridges were necessary (6200 kilometers) connecting the tracks.

The trail began to be built when the country completed 125 years in 1992. So far, 87% of it is complete: 20.77 km. The trail is for cyclists, hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, etc. Choose your mode and go ahead.

80% of the Canadian population will be less than 30 minutes from the track and you can find the nearest trail through the interactive map.

A little history … In 1962, Canada officially opened the Trans Canada Highway. It’s the same idea of the trail (connecting different sections that existed already creating a huge network) but for cars. The Trans Canada Highway is 8030 km and is among the largest federal highways in the world, next to Highway 1 Australian and Trans-Siberian Highway in Russia. The highway was a milestone in the history of the country.

Returning to the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Canada … The government announced that by 2017, will not charge admission to national parks as part of the celebrations.

Apparently, 2017 will be an excellent year to explore the natural beauty of Canada

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