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Most promising jobs in Canada for 2017


The LinkedIn website – the famous social networking site for business and professional relationships – has recently published a list based on data from more than 12 million profiles of its Canadian members in order to identify the best jobs in Canada for 2017. Potential for career advancement, growth in the number of places and salary. Are you curious?

The list also highlights the most important skills associated with each profession.

We have decided to keep the professions and descriptions in English so that those interested in working in Canada already abide by the terms used here and can use them to do online searches about their professions of interest.

Job Average Salary Jobs open Main skills
Registered Nurse $ 80,200 1,500+ Basic Life Support, Patient Safety, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Critical Care, Healthcare
Business Development Manager (Business Development Manager) $ 77,000 250+ Sales Management, Account Management, Business Strategy, Negotiation, Marketing
Project Manager $ 84,000 2,000+ Project Planning, Project Estimation, Contract Management, Value Engineering, Construction Management
Marketing Manager (Marketing Manager) $ 73,500 500+ Social Media Marketing, Market Research, Advertising, Email Marketing, Brand Management
Sales Manager $ 77,800 1,000+ Negotiation, Account Management, Sales, B2B, Sales Operations, Business Development
Financial Analyst $ 64,000 300+ Accounting, Microsoft Excel, Financial Modeling, Variance Analysis, Forecasting
Tax Manager $ 91,000 100+ Corporate Tax, Tax Research, Tax Accounting, International Tax, Tax Advisory
Business Analyst (Business Analyst) $ 70,000 500+ Requirements Analysis, Business Requirements, Software Development Life Cycle, User Acceptance Testing, Visio
Pharmacist (Pharmacist) $ 100,000 300+ Medication Therapy Management, Community Pharmacy, Patient Counseling, Pharmacy Automation, Clinical Pharmacy
Internal Sales Representative (Inside Sales Representative) $ 49,100 300+ Account Management, Sales,, Customer Services, Sales Management
Product Manager $ 82,000 150+ Product Management, Product Marketing, Product Development, Product Launch, Competitive Analysis
Frontend Developer $ 60,000 300+ CSS, jQuery, HMTL5, JavaScript, SASS
Solutions Architect $ 100,000 150+ Solutions Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Service-oriented Architecture (SoA), Integration, Cloud Computing
Software Engineer (Software Engineer) $ 73,000 500+ JavaScript, C ++, SQL, HTML, Linux
Financial Manager $ 84,000 100+ Financial Reporting, Financial Analysis, Accounting, Managerial Finance, Internal controls
Quality Assurance Analyst $ 59,300 200+ Requirement Analysis, Requirement Gathering, Visio, Life Cycle Software Development, Software Documentation
System Engineer $ 86,500 100+ Windows Server, VMware, Active Directory, Virtualization, Linux
Business Partner in Human Resources (Human Resources Business Partner) $ 80,000 50+ Performance Management, Employee Relations, Employee Engagement, Recruiting, HR Policies
Business Systems Analyst (Business System Analyst) $ 75,000 100+ Business Requirements, Requirement Gathering, Business Requirements, Visio, User Acceptance Testing
Financial Services Manager (Financial Services Manager) $ 52,000 100+ Financial Analysis, Financial Services, Banking, Financial, Financial Reporting, Risk Management

While this list is comprised primarily of jobs in finance, technology, marketing and healthcare, it is just a sample of the possibilities that await you in Canada. There are millions of job vacancies in a variety of industries to be explored in the Canadian LinkedIn.


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Canada offers full scholarships for students from Latin America


An example of citizenship and good reception of immigrants, Canada is offering scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students living in Latin American countries. Throughout the year, the Canadian government will offer 400 scholarships for periods of four and six months of study at various colleges in the country. The package also includes ticket, school supplies, health insurance, lodging and visa.

Candidates must be enrolled in a university, attending a graduate, master’s or doctoral degree in any area of knowledge. The value of the aid may reach $9,700 Canadian dollars.

Currently, Canada is the main destination for Brazilians who want to exchange. Security, beautiful scenery and high level education are some of the determining factors for the country’s success among students in Brazil.


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5 Canadian universities to keep an eye on

When talking about Canadian universities, we are talking about universities that are among the best in the world. Canada has the University of Toronto (UofT), McGill University (in Montreal), the University of Waterloo and so on. But there are others who are part in the “Best” team, even if we did not hear much of them. What are those universities?

Canada has five educational institutions that have stood out, with much advanced and differentiated programs of study, great investments in infrastructure and technologies, as well as advances in prominent research.


Algoma University

It draws the motto of the university: “Small university, Great education”. Focusing on undergraduate courses, she stands out in an interesting point of teaching: multiculturalism, not like you’re already tired of seeing in Canada, but in a line that involves Aboriginal populations as well as other cultures. The Canadian government has invested heavily in this differential, aiming at distance learning. The lines of study have a strong emphasis on environmentalism. Not to mention the student-teacher ratio that is excellent at Algoma.

Mount Allison

Recently this institution received a contribution of no less than $ 13 million for the creation of an environmental innovation center on its campus. Objective: research on the effects of climate change on the maritime ecosystem. Not to mention the acquisition of numerous high-tech equipment, used right there for this: science and ecology. Although it is located in a tiny city in New Brunswick, the money that has been put there crosses the border.

University of Lethbridge

ULeth is a university, let’s say, quite young. It’s only 50 years dedicated to education. And to celebrate the 50’s, the University wants to distribute more scholarships this year. It is also another one that has received heavy investment from both the government and private initiative to upgrade what has already been done in research and development, and to attract new students.

Ryerson University

You’ve probably heard of Ryerson. In fact, the demand for this institution has increased a lot in recent years. It has grown 10% in the last two years, and 50% in the last decade. The Toronto campus does not stop growing, and its facilities are to leave anyone’s mouth open. And other very “futuristic” campuses are coming around. The scope of the programs is also well in this line linked in the coming decades – highlight to a Master of Engineering and Entrepreneurship Innovations, with a bias in the wave of start-ups.

University of Windsor

The University of Windsor, without exaggeration, does not stop to progress. Every year new and equipped buildings are born, new lines of research, new study areas, and new investments coming. Last year the Ontario government injected $85.8 million dollars into the university, targeting mostly automotive research. Other millions were destined to the development of Scientific Centers – for people to go there and create, to learn, to develop, to invent, etc. And do not think that other areas of education (like Humanities and Biology) are helpless, a lot of money has been employed in these areas as well.


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