BRX Group 主要业务:

Source: BRX Group 主要业务:


BRX Group 主要业务:

BRX Group Services in Canada


BRX Group 主要业务:



3.留学/移民/商务/旅游 签证





BRX Group 优势:









BRX Group 以人性为本,为您提供各项贴心服务,当您提着塞满梦想的行李,离开熟悉的家乡,充满激情的登陆加拿大之后。

一个在加拿大生活十几年的专业认识的帮助对您的新生活非常有必要,‘0’烦恼 开启您的加拿大幸福生活。




–      加拿大居民文件

–      加拿大驾照


–      养老保险

–      健康保险

–      汽车保险


–      ;住房选择

–      社区环境

–      置业

–      有线电视

–      互联网安装

–      购物休闲娱乐

  1. 理财投资

–      理财计划

–      银行开户

–      存款投资

–      税费缴纳

–      生活开支


–      择校就读

–     语言学习

–      环境适应

–   学习成绩


–      公共交通

–      购买或者租赁车辆

–      汽车达人选车建议

–      驾照申领

–      汽车保险&安全驾驶


–    专业HR 知道简历

–     薪酬待遇了解

–    就业方向选择,职业生涯评估

– 专业领域发展方向


–      运动项目

–      家庭旅游

9.签证 和移民

–      留学签证

–      ;工作签证

–      签证延伸

–      身份变更


–      养老金计划



What is provided when you retain our services

Services in Canada

Our team know that after you leave the comfort your home country, and land in Canada, with your luggage and full of dreams, everything is new. Despite the amenities that the internet provides, the help of a specialist who lives for a fair amount of years in Canada is essential. We will help you making good choices, and starting your new life in the new country. Below is some of our services:


  • Our service support team will guide you in Canada;


  • Sin number (Canadian document);
  • Driver’s Licence (Canadian Identity Card);


  • Life insurance;
  • Health insurance;
  • Car Insurance;


  • City Housing and Neighborhood facilities in the province you chose to live;
  • Communities/neighborhoods;
  • Mortgage (real estate finance);
  • Cable TV;
  • Internet;
  • Shopping tips with best costs, and benefits to furnish the House;


  • Financial planning;
  • Banks and credit cards;
  • Savings and investments;
  • Taxes in general;
  • Cost of living in Canada;


  • School for the children;
  • English as a Second Language classes;
  • Post Graduate courses;


  • How does public transportation work?
  • Buying or renting cars;
  • Cars comparison analysis;
  • Driver’s licence;
  • Car insurance;


  • CV/Resume and letter of intent;
  • Professions in Canada/wages;
  • Job opportunities in your field of work;

Sports and Entertainment

  • Sport tours;
  • Tips for your family;

Visas and Immigration

  • Study Visa;
  • Work Visa;
  • Visa extension;
  • Status Change;


  • Explanation of Canadian Pension Plan.


Canada is a Beautiful Country

The Canadian Land

It is said that the Brazilian Christ the Redeemer is one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, along with the Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, ruins in Jordan, Machu Pichu pyramid in Mexico and the Coliseum. There are also other ancient pyramids, the Babylon gardens, statues, temples, mausoleums and others. Canada also has its own natural wonders.

One of the great differentials of Canada in this battle of wonders is its natural beauty. There are some beautiful buildings here and there, but the Canadian nature is what really stands out. Let’s check it out.

Sleeping Giant – ON


 The name is correct. It’s possible to see a giant lying in these rock formations at Sibley peninsula, in Thunder Bay, Ontario. You can check it at Ontario Parks.

Niagara Falls – ON


Niagara Falls, is in the US side, however the best vies is in the Canadian side, and the view is what really matters. If you came to Canada and didn’t go to Niagara, you missed one of the Canadian wonders. It is the same as if you never came to Canada. It is a must see. You can check it at Ontario Travel and Niagara Falls Tourism.

Bay of Fundy – NB / NS


Bay of Fundy is the largest lagoon in the world. It is towards New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in the Gulf of Maine, and also shares that beauty with the USA. The Bay of Fundy is known to have one of the highest tides in the world. Each day about 100 billion tons of seawater enter and leave the bay during the tide cycle. It’s a fantastic thing to see. You can visit on foot when the tide is low, and kayaking when the tide is high. You can check it at Nova Scotia website.

Nahanni National Park Reserve – NT


This reserve is approximately 500km west of Yellowknife. Although it’s far, it is a worthy trip. It is a beautiful place to visit with a wonderful set of crazy canyons, waterfalls and endless natural beauties. You can check it at Parks Canada.

Northern Lights


When we talk about the Wonders of the World we can’t forget to mention the aurora borealis. Those who have had the opportunity to see, got mesmerized by it: it is something out of our reality. And in the northern part of Canada, there are several points for you to enjoy this marvelous scene of nature. You can check it at Whitehorse (YT), Yellowknife (NT), Iqaluit (NU), Kuujjuaq (QC) and Battle Harbor (NL), among others.

 The Rockies – BC / AB


The Rockies are located between Alberta and BC. They really look like that postal card picture of a computer screen saver. You can check it at Alberta website.

Cabot Trail – NS


For those who like to hit the road and enjoy a nice drive, Cabot Trial are 298 Km of pure asphalt, twist roads and a paradisiacal scenery. You can check it at Cabot Trail.

There are more than 7 wonders in Canada. What are you waiting for? Come visit and explore all the resources Canada has to offer.